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Reflexology for Better Overall Health

Quality of Touch is proud to practice reflexology at our Zen spa. For New York City and New Jersey residents, we offer a haven from the loud hustle and bustle of city life. Our spa is quiet, calm, and restorative. More importantly, we know how to provide effective reflexology treatments to our patients. By applying varying levels of pressure to your feet, hands, and ears, we can stimulate better health because these body parts connect to vital organs and body systems. Schedule an appointment with us today.

The Advantages of Regular Reflexology Appointments

Reflexology provides numerous benefits to those who take advantage of it. At Quality of Touch, we offer them to clients in a hygienic and calming environment, which only enhances the Zen impact of the massage discipline. The advantages of reflexology include:

Reduced Stress

Stress can cause numerous health issues, from heart problems to general aches and pains. Many people feel stress. If you’re more impacted than most, reflexology can help reduce that stress and train your body to release it. The result is a more relaxed you.

Reduced Pain

Chronic pain is a part of getting older. But you don’t have to live with creaky joints and a stiff back. Reflexology can help reduce your pain and allow you to enjoy more life pursuits, such as athletics. By focusing on various zones of the frame, we can provide body-wide benefits.

Lightened Mood

If you suffer from depression or any kind of mental illness, some studies suggest that massage disciplines like reflexology can help. Schedule an appointment with us. We believe we can realign your body, mind, and soul and restore Zen to your life.

Improved General Wellbeing

Your overall health is dependent on many things. Reflexology is one way to achieve optimal overall wellbeing. From reducing the impacts of stress to amplifying your mood, reflexology can help.

foot massage

Contact Us Today to Schedule an Appointment

Quality of Touch has delivered therapeutic services to our patients for years. We understand how the body works and firmly believe in the alternative medical practices we offer to our patients. Reflexology works. It can be a blessing to those who walk, work, and play through chronic pain or those who experience mood lows during the winter months. Whatever your issues, we want to help realign your body, mind, and spirit together in our Zen spa. Contact us today to schedule an appointment. First-time customers receive $20 off their first services.

Now Re-Opened

We’re ready to help you restart your wellness routine. You’re welcome to schedule your next appointment anytime! We have hygiene protocols in place to help protect you and your service provider.