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Waxing for the Body, Mind, Soul, and Skin

Everyone has unique skin. Quality of Touch knows how to treat different skin types through the use of a variety of waxing techniques. We understand your beauty ritual depends on customized waxing – not a one-size-fits-all approach. Your skin and lifestyle deserve better. We have been practicing waxing for years in New York City and New Jersey. We know how to design a relaxing experience that will augment your natural beauty. Our philosophy is simple: We restore balance and harmony to the mind, body, soul, and skin. Waxing is an essential part of the process.

The Benefits of Waxing

We believe everyone deserves self-care. After all, when we take care of ourselves, we experience more happiness and contentment. More importantly, we go through less stress; and stress is a regular part of life in the big city. Therefore, Quality of Touch is proud to offer affordable wax treatments for $60 and up. If you’re a first-time customer, be sure to mention that when you schedule an appointment. We’ll give you $20 off your first waxing just for joining our family. We offer two types of wax treatments:

Soft Wax

Hand waxes adhere to your skin more successfully than hard waxes. They exfoliate better, and they pluck the fine hairs perfectly. We might recommend a soft wax for a large area. However, we cannot apply soft wax to the same area twice because it removes layers of dead skin.

Sugar Wax

If you’re looking for a gentle, relaxing waxing experience, you might want to schedule a sugar wax with us. Why? Sugar waxes are soft and reduce the risk of ingrown hairs. Bacteria cannot breed in the sugar paste, which makes them ultra-hygienic. Additionally, there is no risk of allergic reactions.

eyebrow waxing

We Offer a Relaxing Zen-Filled Environment

We want you to enjoy your waxing appointment. We can’t restore balance to your body and soul without first providing a calming environment. And that’s precisely what we offer at Quality of Touch. We will address unwanted hairs in a serene, Zen environment, helping you feel better about yourself and escape the stress of modern life.

Now Re-Opened

We’re ready to help you restart your wellness routine. You’re welcome to schedule your next appointment anytime! We have hygiene protocols in place to help protect you and your service provider.